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Do You Know How To Clean A Copper Mug?

Copper mugs are simply beautiful and shiny when new, they present a fantastic way of serving Moscowmules, non-alcoholic cold drinks, and cold beers. They are also very attractive tankards for serving summer time drinks at gatherings and cookouts. However, if not maintained properly these mugs will tarnish in a short order. So do you know […]

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Which are the Best Apples for Juicing

Which are the Best Apples for Juicing?

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What is The Best Fontina Cheese Substitute

What is The Best Fontina Cheese Substitute?

Fontina cheese is a delicious soft cheese that is often used in a variety of gourmet dishes and cheese plates. Fontina cheese substitutes are widely available and in many cases, can easily be worked into any recipe calling for fontina cheese. The trick is knowing exactly what cheese works best and which ones have the closest resemblance to fontina cheese.

What is a Mac and Cheese Omelet and How do I Make One

What is a Mac and Cheese Omelet and How do I Make One?

Have you ever heard of a mac and cheese omelet? Believe it or not, it does exist and is apparently a fairly popular meal. It consists of exactly what you would expect from the name, macaroni, cheese, and fluffy eggs. The macaroni and cheese stuffed fad has been hitting the foodie world for quite some time. It has ranged from a macaroni and cheese pizza to a macaroni and cheese grilled cheese sandwich. If you are one of the many followers of this glorious fad and are looking for the next big macaroni and cheese hit, look no more!

What Does Octopus Taste Like

What Does Octopus Taste Like? And How to Prepare It!

Octopus may not sound like the most appetizing dish to those who have never tried it. But, when properly cooked, it is considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. The trouble with octopus is that if you taste it and it hasn’t been properly prepared, you will most likely be turned off from octopus forever. However, if you are fortunate enough to try octopus prepared properly, you will most likely find that it is delicious. So, what does octopus taste like? For most people who have tried good octopus, they would say it is very much like the flavor and texture of lobster.

Ultimate Baked Potatoes Guide 2017-Easy, Versatile and Healthy Taters for All

Ultimate Baked Potatoes Guide 2017-Easy, Versatile and Healthy Taters for All

Everyone loves potatoes in some shape or form. They’re a satisfying, belly-filling, starchy vegetable that can be home grown or purchased at just about any grocery store out there. With their great versatility, potatoes can accompany any meal and take on any flavor you choose. So you may be wondering, what do I need to know about baked potatoes? They are pretty straightforward, aren’t they?

Tortillas How Long are They Good

Tortillas: How Long are They Good?

Despite their Mexican heritage, tortillas are a staple in homes around the world. Both corn and flour tortillas are used in a variety of dishes and commonly found on weeknight dinner rotations everywhere. A common question is, how long tortillas are good for? Lets take a look everything you need to know about tortillas, including, how to store them and how long they stay fresh.

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