The 5 Best Ceramic Knives And How You Can Get One

Ceramic knives are one of those kitchen items that popped into the world of cooking overnight and became the must have item. While that may be true, they most certainly aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Ceramic knives offer many advantages over traditional steel knives and for this reason, they are a top pick of home cooks everywhere. If you are looking to invest in a ceramic knife or even a set, you need to know what the best ceramic knifes are and how to get your hands on them!


What is a Ceramic Knife?​

Unlike traditional steel knives, ceramic knives are made from pressed zirconium dioxide. This forms a very hard ceramic than can be sharpened into the perfect kitchen knife. The zirconium dioxide starts out in a powder form that is then pressed and fired until it reaches the desired solid state.

Ceramic blades are one of the highest ranking in hardness on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. In fact, ceramic knifes come in at an 8.5, with diamond holding the #10 spot. Most steel knifes available for kitchen use are between 4.5 and 8. Ceramic knifes are resistant to rust and other environmental factors, they down hold in bacteria, and are much lighter than steel knives.

Black ceramic blades (HIP) are made from the same zirconium oxide as the white ceramic blades. The difference is the black blades go through an extra firing process called “hot-isostatic press” that creates a tighter weave between the ceramic molecules and resulting is a tougher and slightly less fragile blade.

Ceramic knifes very seldom need to be sharpened and are so popular because they require little to no maintenance at all. Consumers have reported using ceramic kitchen knives daily for 12+ months without needing to sharpen them! When you compare that to a steel blade that needs to be sharpened every few uses and every use for some chefs, a ceramic knife is an ideal kitchen investment. This is especially true for those of us who aren’t skilled sharpeners or just prefer the convenience of less work.

The one con to ceramic knifes is that though they are sharper, they are also more fragile. Ceramic will crack, chip, and break much easier than its steel counterpart. For this reason, ceramic knifes can’t be used for certain kitchen applications.

For example, if you are breaking down a chicken a ceramic knife isn’t the best choice because you can’t break the joint without risking damage to the knife. Ceramic knifes should also be handled and stored carefully, while they aren’t exactly fragile, a hard drop to the floor would likely leave visible damage to the knife blade.​

What to Look for In a Ceramic Knife​



​When purchasing a ceramic knife, remember that it will eventually need to be sharpened. This can be a bit of a tough one. Many manufacturers offer sharpening services, this is a plus when purchasing a certain ceramic knife. They can be sharpened at home but this isn’t always the simplest task. Be sure that you have the means to have it sharpened or sharpen it yourself when the time does come. Many electric knife sharpeners are starting to offer an option for ceramic knifes.


The one big factor with ceramic knives is that they need to be properly stored. For this reason, many people prefer to purchase a ceramic knife that comes with a special box, sleeve, or other type of holder that will protect the knife when not in use.

You may choose to store the knife in your own way, such as a knife block. However, throwing it in a drawer with other items is a very bad idea. You will quickly begin to notice scratches, dings, and even chips in the blade of the knife if you don’t take the time to properly store it after each use.​


This is an obvious one but still important. Most people feel that ceramic knifes are expensive; this is because you will rarely find one that is priced extremely cheap. That being said, you should still be able to find a quality ceramic knife without going over your budget. If you are looking for a top of the line ceramic knife, you will likely spend around $300. This is really not necessary for most home cooks. You can just as easily invest under $100 dollars and have a perfectly good ceramic knife that will last you a long time.

The price range for ceramic knifes is due to the long process that it takes in order to manufacture each and every one. Not to mention that you are purchasing a mineral that is harder than steel and very close in comparison to diamond sharpness.

If you do happen to find a ceramic knife that seems too good to be true for its low-price tag, it is likely not the same quality as other options. Pay close attention and choose the ceramic knife that best meets your needs and budget but is still made of quality materials and craftsmanship.


When it comes to kitchen knives, size matters. Just like with steel knives, ceramic knives can be purchased in an array of different sizes. This is entirely up to the individual user. Some people prefer much smaller knifes, while most prefer more towards the size of a chef’s knife. Have an idea in mind before you begin shopping! This is also a matter of how many tasks you wish to do with your ceramic knife.

Many cutting tasks will require a larger blade vs. the smaller size of say a paring knife. Look In your kitchen at your current knifes and use this as a guide. Go with the one that you are most comfortable with and that you get the most amount of use out of.​

The 5 Best Ceramic Knifes​

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic revolution 3-piece Ceramic Knife Set​

The Kyocera Advances Ceramic Revolution 3-piece Ceramic Knife Set Is one of the top picks for affordability and durability. This set is perfect for most home cooks and includes a 6-inch chef’s knife, a 3-inch micro serrated knife, and a 3-inch mini paring knife. It essentially is designed to cover all the home cooks bases and assure you have a perfect knife for any cutting task.

The 6-inch chef’s knife is perfect for slicing fruits, vegetables, fish, and boneless meats; while the 5-inch serrated is ideal for breads, tomatoes, and other foods with tough skins. The 3-inch paring knife is the perfect fit for small details, peeling, trimming, and detailed garnishes.This ceramic revolution set comes with a lifetime warranty.

If your ceramic knife chips, breaks, or is damages the company with repair or replace it and they also include complementary sharpening, you just pay shipping and handling. The razor-sharp blade will stay sharp longer and has superior edge retention. It is made of zirconium oxide with an ABS plastic handle.


  • Life time warranty
  • Complementary Sharpening
  • 3 blade sizes in the set
  • Extremely reasonable pricing


  • Brittle Blade
  • Can only be sharpened by manufacturer

​DALSTRONG Ceramic Chef’s Knife- Infinity Blade

The DALSTRONG Ceramic Chef’s Knife-Infinity Blade is a great option for the home cook and chef’s alike. It is designed for ultra-thin slicing and dicing with effortless precision. It has 15x the edge retainment as a steel blade and is 2x as sharp. It comes with a perfect fit BPA free storage sheath and edge last diamond dust sharpener to ensure you have a lifelong sharpness.

The blade is germ and bacteria resistant extra hard black ceramic that has been polished to a shiny mirror finish. There is 0% chemical leakage and is completely BPA free.The DALSTRONG ceramic chef’s knife is extra light weight and won’t cause any discoloration, metallic taste, doesn’t absorb oils, and is nonporous.

Dalstong stand behind their knifes 100%, offering a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee, risk free. It comes elegantly packages for perfect gift giving. The knife has an 8-inch infinity blade, edge last diamond dust sharpener, sharpening cradle, perfect fit sheath, polishing cloth, and exquisite packaging.


  • Comes with accessories
  • Comes with diamond dust sharpener
  • Money back guarantee
  • Polished black ceramic design
  • Reasonably priced


  • No manufacturer sharpening offered

SHAN ZU Ceramic Knife 8” Black Zirconium Blade

The SHAN Zu ceramic knifehas an 8” black zirconium blade. It has a razor-sharp design for precision slicing and dicing, long-term sharpness retention and will rarely need to be sharpened. It has a ergonomic black handle that offers smooth hand comfort, a special non-slip material ensures a solid grip with seamless combination technology that guarantees kitchen safety.

The knife blade is 8 inches and the handle is 4.7 inches. It comes with a storage sheath to help protect the blade from damage when not in use.This blade is made with quality materials that resist rust, no chemical reactions, and bacteria resistant. It can only be hand washed, which is typical of ceramic knifes to prevent damage in the dishwasher.

The shan zu ceramic knife is a perfect, affordable option for home cooks looking to expand their cutlery selection!


  • High-tech refined Zirconium Oxide
  • Safety grip handle
  • Includes storage sheath


  • No advertised warranty
  • No sharpening included

​Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 7-inch professional Chef’s Knife

​The Kyocera advanced ceramic revolution series 7-inch chef’s knife is a great addition to most any kitchen. It has an ultra-sharp 7-inch black blade that is designed especially for chopping, mincing, and dicing, the ceramic blade is ground to microscopic precision by diamond wheels for a rock like edge that has amazing sharpness retention.

The blade is completely impervious to acids, juices, oils, salts, and other elements, including rust. It is lightweight and allows for an extremely balance hand grip that reduces hand fatigue from excessive cutting.

This ceramic knife includes free lifetime sharpening from the manufacturer but can also be sharpened with a Kyocera electric sharpener for those who prefer to do it at home. It also includes a five-year manufacturer warranty.


  •  Black ceramic blade has been through addition firing for an even sturdier result
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Free sharpening for life


  • Higher in price than some options
  • No included sheath for protection

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 5 ½ inch Santoku Knife

The Kyocera advanced ceramic revolution series 5 ½ inch santoku knife is an ideal option for those looking for a quality ceramic knife but prefer the santoku style, opposed to a traditional chef’s knife. It has an advanced ceramic blade that has been precisely ground to a rock-hard edge. Kyocera claims its ceramic blade will stay razor-sharp 10 times longer than a carbon steel blade would. It is designed for fine cutting task including mincing, cutting, and chopping.

In addition to the quality 5 ½ inch ceramic blade, this knife has many color options for the handle, including: blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow. It can be mailed back to the manufacturer for free professional sharpening or sharpened on a Kyocera electric sharpener.

The ceramic blade is made from Zirconia Z206, a proprietary advanced ceramic formula made exclusively in japan. Meaning, you are purchasing a stronger, more advanced blade that will hold its sharpness longer than comparable ceramic knife’s.


  • Free manufacturer sharpening
  • Multiple color options
  • Advanced Ceramic formula for a stronger blade


  • No advertised warranty
  • No included sheath


There is no doubt, the market for ceramic kitchen knives has seen a massive increase in recent years. Lucky for us, that means there are more than a few quality options available for the home cook on any budget.

My personal preference is for the Kyocera Advances Ceramic Revolution 3-piece ceramic knife set. It has everything that I need for typical cooking applications. It is also quite a steel considering you are getting 3-knives to choose from, free sharpening for life, and a warranty. This set is great for both big and small cutting task.

Do you have a favorite ceramic knife or a great buying tip for our readers? Tell us all about it in the comment section bellow!​

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