The Best Copper Cookware To Add To Your Kitchen

Copper cookware, pots and pans are on the counter in the store.

Bringing home any new cookware is an exciting time for aspiring chefs and cooking enthusiasts. Some of the most effective cookware you could add to your kitchen is copper cookware.

If you can find the best copper cookware available, you will notice a difference immediately in your cooking process and how your meals turn out. There are some key features you should take into consideration when you are considering a purchase of copper cookware for your kitchen.


The Best Copper Cookware—How to Choose

Choosing to go with copper cookware in your kitchen is a greatchoice, since it is both durable and high quality. Many professional chefs world wide prefer to use copper cookware for its even heat distribution and lasting reputation, although it is amongst the most expensive cookware options. The key is to look for several factors when selecting exactly which is the best copper cookware to add to your collection, since not all copper cookware is the same.

When shopping for which copper cookware to purchase, you should pay attention to factors such as the thickness of the piece,the construction of the handle and the materials used, whether the copper is hammered or smooth, whether the edges areflared or rolled, the price point and how it relates to your own personal budget and, most importantly,what other materials are used in the cookware other than copper.

Thickness and Weight​

​The thickness of your piece will determine how well the heat is distributed throughout the cookware and the quality of the piece. The thickness of the copper cookware you select should be no less than one and one half millimeter thick, since anything less than that will compromise the quality, durability and functionality of the piece.

If the cookware you choose is thicker, you will also notice it will be heavier which allows heat to transfer evenly and helps cook your food properly. Hotspots are avoided in your cookware if proper thickness is chosen. It is important to testout your pieces first because copper cookware can be heavy and two or three times more so with food added.

Get a “Handle” on Your Cooking​

Although it may not seem very important, the handle of any cookware piece is a key feature. This is how you will handle your piece while cooking and often it will be exposed to high heat on your stove top and sometimes, if you are able, in the ovenas well.

Research what materials are used in the construction of the handle and whether it fits well in your own hand. You will want to ensure the handle allows you to hold the weight of the cookware steadily and feel supported. If the handle can with stand high temperatures, it is an added bonus since then you can use your cookware in the oven too.

Look at the Edges​


Inspect the edges of the cookware you are considering to see if they are rolled orflared. If you aren’t sure of the difference, see the image to the left for examples. Rolled edges usually mean the piece is thinner and less expensive.

Rolled edges are a way to tell that the cookware is probably too thin and they also make it harder to pour liquids straight from the pan. Flarededges allow for smooth, mess-free pouring and denote a good thickness for heat distribution and longevity. A flared edge won’t trapin food particles like a rolled edge might, making it more sanitary as well.

Price Point and Budget​

Everyone loves a great bargain, however, if you are truly a thrift shopper, copper cookware is probably not going to be your first choice. Copper cookware is amongst the most expensive available.

Having said that, there are some pieces which are less expensive since they are compiled of different materials not just strictly copper. Before deciding on a hard and fast budget, do some research and look over the general cost of copper and then you can decide if you want to be in the lower range, mid-range or upper range in terms of price.

​Materials Used in Construction

Pure copper cookware is not very common or realistic since copper reactswith certain foods and will alter the flavor and even composition. Evensome of the best copper cookware is lined with alternative metals.

Most commonly, you will find tin or stainless steel added to the construction of the copper cookware you are considering. What you should be aware of,is how much of the alternative materials are used instead of copper. The more tin or stainless steel used in the composition of your cookware, the less expensive it will be.

Five of the Best Copper Cookware to Choose From

1. Red Copper 5pc Cookware Set​

Having a set that includes only 5 pieces means you won’t be taking up value cupboard space in your kitchen. This set boasts even heat distribution with no hot spots and is completely oven-safe up to 500°F. Included in this set is the pan, a matching lid, a fry basket, steamer plate and recipe book. The flat bottom of the pan won’t cause damage to your glass-top stove. This versatile pan goes from stove top to oven and then to dishwasher for super ease of use.


  • Multiple use pan reduces the needs for many different cookware pieces
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Aluminum surrounds the copper to prevent food reactions to the copper 
  • Copper infused ceramic means an even heat distribution without hot spots
  • Aluminum handle is lightweight and is long enough to protect hands from hot elements
  • Price point is affordable for those on a budget for copper cookware


  • Contains only a small amount of actual copper
  • Very lightweight which means it is thin construction
  • Rolled edges make for sloppy pouring from the pan
  • Red coloring can scratch off easily
  • Not compatible with induction stove tops since it is mostly aluminum construction
  • Only one piece of cookware instead of set

​Limitless and you are looking for some of the highest quality, best copper cookware available, this set is an excellent choice. It comes with four cookware pieces plus their corresponding lids, all which boast heavy duty cast iron handles. The thickness of these pieces is what you should expect in a high-end copper cook set. The interior is lined with stainless steel, therefore eliminating the issue of copper reacting with foods.


  • Over 2mm of thickness provides the best quality for cooking
  • Pure copper, with stainless steel lining to prevent food being affected by copper
  • Cast iron, super strong handles which are counterbalanced
  • Comes with lids for each piece
  • Even cooking without hot spots
  • Flared edges instead of rolled
  • Polished surfaces reduce food sticking
  • Heats up quickly and consistently


  • Very expensive—out of the budget for many people
  • Polished look needs to be maintained by regular polishing
  • Handles need re-seasoning as any cast iron would

3. Kuprum Copper Pot 2.5 Quarts Tin-Lined, Hand Hammered​

A beautiful pot, with a hand hammered appearance would add elegance to your existing cookware. This piece also comes with a nesting lid and sturdy, riveted handles. The interior of the pot is lined within preventing food reaction to the copper. It heats up quickly and cools quickly for ultimate control overcooking temperature. There are no hotspots created in this pot, and food will cook evenly. This pot is great for making homemade stews, simmering foods or even making pasta.


  • Features 1.5mm thickness of high quality copper
  • Tin lining to prevent food reactivity to copper
  • Handles are sturdy and well-riveted to handle the pot even when full
  • Oven-safe
  • Flared edges for easy pouring without spillage
  • Hand hammered for an elegant appearance which is perfect for table service
  • Other matching pieces are available to purchase separately


  • Higher price point for just one cookware piece
  • Will need other pieces to use in your kitchen, could be costly
  • Tin lining will darken over time, detracting from the appearance (although not affectingperformance of the piece)
  • Requires polishing and proper care to maintain its shine

4. Lagostina Martellata Tri-Ply Hammered/Stainless Steel 12-inch Skillet​

This skillet combines the functionality of stainless steel with the beauty and heat consistency of copper. Along with the reliable Lagostina brand name, this cookware piece boasts three layers which work together to offer a great cooking experience.

The hammered copper exterior is beautiful to look at and gives the pan a consistent heat flow, the aluminum core continues with keeping that heat up without creating hot spots and the stainless-steel interior prevents food reactivity to copper and makes for easy clean up. Having a quality skillet is a must for any home chef since they are so versatile in function.​


  • Hammered copper exterior for elegant appearance
  • Comes with stainless steel lining to prevent food reacting to copper
  • Stainless steel handles and lid including strong rivets to sturdy the handle
  • Moderate price point for most budgets
  • Oven and dishwasher safe
  • Handles stay cool while using on the stove top
  • Good size for family cooking


  • Despite overall thickness of the piece, most is not copper
  • Not non-stick, requires proper use and care
  • To keep the shiny copper appearance, you must polish it
  • No added grab handle on opposite side to assist with carrying heavy loads

5. Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set​

This handy, complete cookware set features a copper layer which help in heat distribution and consistency. The stainless-steel shell is contemporary and fit with many kitchen styles. The tulip shape of each piece is not only pleasing in appearance but one that is preferred by professionals for it’s durable construction and functionality.

The copper layer is sandwiched between two layers of aluminum and protected by stainless steel which is safe for induction cook tops. These pieces are great for heat conductivity and continuity.


  • Full set of cookware
  • Uses copper layer to assist in heat continuity and control
  • Stainless steel exterior is functional and scratch resistant
  • Aluminum layers surround the copper to help with conductivity
  • Lids are included
  • Handles stay cool on stove top
  • Extra clearance under each handle for ease of use
  • Oven, dishwasher and stove top safe
  • Reasonable price point for most budgets
  • Flared edges to help with pouring


  • Not much actual copper used in the construction
  • Thickness of overall piece doesn’t reflect how much copper is used
  • Not as high quality as pure copper
  • Tend to be heavy which could make handling hot pans challenging
  • Tulip shape means base is narrower than top which means less surface area in contact with thes tove burner and could mean it take a little longer to heat up a bigger pot

Round Up…​

Some of the best cookware you can buy is copper cookware. Not all copper cookware will yield the same cooking results so it is important to research and to have a budget in mind. In comparing these five copper cookware options, if you want quality at any cost then the clear winner is the Matfer 8 Piece Bourgeat Copper Cookware Set.

The Bourgeat set is an investment, undoubtedly, since it is in the highest price range, however you will enjoy the high quality. It has the perfect thickness of copper to benefit from the even heat distribution and consistent temperature during cooking that copper offers. The pieces are all sleek with flared edges for perfect pouring and have sturdy, strong handles. The interior is great for cooking since it is stainless steel lined. Since it comes as a set, you won’t need any other cooking pieces

If you are on a budget, as most people are, then the clear winner would have to be the Kuprum Hammered Copper Pot. Not only is it visually appealing with the hand-crafted hammered look but also very functional with the tin lining and stay cool handles. Since it can go from stove top to oven, it can be used for a variety of dishes.

Hopefully this has been helpful in educating you about the best copper cookware and how to choose what is right for your own kitchen. Please leave a comment or suggestion, we love to hear from you.​

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