Choosing the Best Sushi Knife—3 Great Sushi Knives to Add to Your Collection

Choosing the Best Sushi Knife—3 Great Sushi Knives to Add to Your Collection

Sushi is growing in popularity as a favorite food worldwide. In fact, people have started to make their very own sushi at home. When you have decided to take the step to create delicious sushi rolls, you will want to ensure you are using the best sushi knife possible to cut through your creation with ease. There is nothing worse than making the effort to put together tasty combinations and have the knife squish your rounded roll. This guide will show you 3 top rated sushi knives and how to choose the best one.

What to Look for in a Sushi Knife

Not all kitchen knives are created equally, just as not all sushi knives are the same. With the sticky rice and raw fish that is sometimes used in sushi, you will want to make sure the knife you choose has a fine, sharp edge. Other considerations include whether it is a traditional Japanese sushi knife or a Western style sushi knife, materials used to make the knife and of course, budget constraints if you have any.

  • Sharpness
  • Japanese vs. Western
  • Materials Used
  • Budget

What the blade is made of as well as the handle will tell you how durable the knife will be over the test of time. You will want a blade that won’t rust or discolor, ideally. The handle should have some weight so that it is comfortable in your hand.

Sharpness and Longevity

Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife: You will receive this 8 inch knife in razor sharp condition, ready to slice through anything in your kitchen without squishing or ruining your meals, including homemade sushi. The edge holds its sharpness over time since it is made to last.

Culina 8-Inch Nonstick Carbon Steel Sushi Knife: Even though it is stylish to look at the 8 inch blade super sharp and ready to go. It is made especially with slicing sushi in mind. The blade is rust resistant and will hold its sharpness for many uses without needing to be honed again. It is so sharp it can be used for other foods as well including meats, vegetables and fruits. The blade is super thin, allowing for optimum sharpness.

TUO Cutlery Professional Yanagiba Sushi Slicing knife: The 3.5mm thick blade means this sushi knife is extremely sharp, honed to perfection by a master craftsman and ready to cut paper thin slices of meat whenever needed. It is built to retain a sharp edge for many, many uses without tearing or bruising precious raw fish.


Japanese vs. Western Style

Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife: The styling of this knife is more on the Japanese side than the Western style. It is honed to 12-15 degree angle, meaning the edges are extremely sharp and honed in Japanese style to prevent tearing of the meat and seafood as you slice your sushi. Both right handed and left handed users can utilize this knife.

Culina 8-Inch Nonstick Carbon Steel Sushi Knife: Both edges are beveled and sharpened on this sushi knife, meaning it is styled in Western fashion. This doesn’t mean to say it is poor quality, however, sushi knives with a double edge may not be quite as effective at slicing through sticky rice, meat or seafood as with Japanese blades.

TUO Cutlery Professional Yanagiba Sushi Slicing knife: This single-edge blade is perfect for slicing thin cuts of meat, seafood and skin. It is styled after traditional Japanese sushi knives and is intended for right hand use, like all Japanese knives. Left handed users will need to special order the knife with their side of the blade sharpened.


Materials Used

Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife: Made of high quality Japanese steel with an astounding 67 layers of high carbon stainless steel, this knife is durable and sturdy. The handle is triple riveted and will not separate from the blade. The weight is hefty enough to feel like you have a tool in your hand without weighing you down as you work.

Culina 8-Inch Nonstick Carbon Steel Sushi Knife: As the name states, this is made of carbon steel, which is rust resistant but not proof. The blade is black in color, though, which may not show the rust spots or other staining like other knives might. It has a non-stick coating added so that sushi and sashimi will not easily stick to the blade while slicing. A plastic sheath is included to protect the blade.

TUO Cutlery Professional Yanagiba Sushi Slicing knife: The blade is made of superior quality Japanese high carbon VG10 steel which is well-known not only for strength but keeping its edge. The handle is constructed of an appealing sandalwood, which looks beautiful, fits perfectly in your hand and feels comfortable to hold. The sandalwood will not slip from your grip as you slice.



Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife: Falling in the upper price range means this excellent knife will fit into some household budgets, especially considering how long it should last. You shouldn’t need any other sushi knife for years to come after this one.

Culina 8-Inch Nonstick Carbon Steel Sushi Knife: Being the most budget friendly sushi knife, with quality craftsmanship, this sushi knife is a great choice. It is priced in the affordable range and can meet the budgetary constraints of anyone in the market for a sushi knife.

TUO Cutlery Professional Yanagiba Sushi Slicing knife: Since this sushi knife is crafted in traditional Japanese style, with top quality Japanese super strong steel, it priced accordingly in the upper range. The quality, construction and functionality warrant the upper level price range.


In Closing…

After considering all of the features important to a good sushi knife, the clear winner in my opinion is the Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife. Not only is it a good quality sushi knife, but versatile enough to be used on other foods as well, giving you more bang for your buck. It is esthetically pleasing with the Tsunami Damascus Rose Design on the blade. With it being 8 inches, it is not too big to handle yet not small. It is also usable for both right and left-handed people, without special ordering needing. Despite that it is priced in the upper range, it is worthwhile to put out the extra money on this excellent quality knife.


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