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Espresso Machine Under 200

How to Choose an Espresso Machine Under 200 for Your Kitchen?

These are some of the lines that a regular coffee drinker can relate to. Because when it comes to coffee drinking there is no middle ground – either you are so into it or not. And if you are, there is a high probability that you are very intense about it and has a thing or two to say about coffee in general.

Caffeine is just like that. Once it gets in your life, it completely takes over and there is nothing else to do about it. It is quite easy to go from drinking your first ever cup of coffee to being addicted and not being able to function normally without one. Partly, we can blame that on the addictive properties of caffeine.

But for true coffee fiends, it will always be about coffee. Regardless of coffee quality, whether it is good or bad coffee, as long as it is a caffeine infested drink that is good enough. Else, suffer the most intense skull-splitting headache of your life. That is how deep the relationship between a coffee drinker and his cup of coffee is.

Hence, this article is about a certain type of coffee processing called ESPRESSO. Yes – espresso is just a method of coffee preparation unlike most people know. What people love about it and some of the best espresso machine under 200.

What is Espresso?

Espresso is nothing but a special method of preparing coffee. It does not refer to the dark, bitter, burnt-flavored roast of coffee nor in the cream in coffee. Rather, espresso is the process of extracting coffee under really high pressure.

The word espresso originated from the Italian word “esprimere” meaning “to press out” which pertains to the technique of extracting coffee essence for the drink. In this process, finely grounded coffee beans are tightly packed into a “portafilter” – the most crucial component of an espresso machine that holds coffee beans prior to and during the brewing process. Then, high pressured water is forced through the tamped espresso grounds and extracted in small, concentrated amount often called ‘shots’.

Traditionally, it takes an average of 40 pieces of ground coffee beans to make an espresso shot which is approximately equivalent to 7 grams of beans. Hence, this makes espresso contains more amount of caffeine per unit volume than most coffee.

Why people love espresso?

Most caffeine drinkers love espresso, but then, there are also those other folks who cannot stand the taste of it. In totality though, there is likely more espresso drinkers in the world today than regular coffee drinkers. In fact, espresso has become a way of life in many parts of Europe – especially Italy. Be it summer or any other season, a cup of espresso is an integral part of the daily routine of most Italians today!

A lot of reasons can be attributed to this circumstance. But some of the most common reasons a lot of people cite when discussing why they love espresso are as follows:

Its refined taste.

Many people simply love espresso because of the intensity of its flavor compared to other regular coffee or cappuccino. This can be credited mainly to the special way of extracting flavor from grounded coffee beans which allows espresso to be more flavorful and thicker than the average. The result of pressurized brewing process makes the flavors and chemicals in a typical cup of espresso more concentrated. Plus the fact that espresso contains more caffeine than any other coffee drinks.

The necessity of consuming caffeine.

For someone who thinks coffee as a comfort drink, the simplicity of a no fuss cup of Joe – also called espresso – is a more viable option than other coffee drinks.

Additionally for someone whose need for caffeine has become habitual to the point that quality – whether it is good or bad does not matter anymore – the consistency of flavor from one cup to another and not too reliant on the amount of time it took to percolate definitely put espresso on top of any coffee drinker’s priority list.

A lot of variations.

Another reason why people love espresso is the number of variations in which it can be served, thus making it more appealing to a wider variety of people around the world. Examples of espresso variations are as follows: (1) Alexandrino; (2) Americano; (3) Affogato; and (4) Breve. Alexandrino is an espresso drink served with a layer of condensed milk and fresh cinnamon stick to add to the rich flavor of an espresso.

Americano is simply a double shot of espresso mixed with hot water. Affogato is another variation of espresso which is served over a type of gelato like vanilla ice cream. And breve consists of double shot espresso and 90 ml half and half. These are some of the most famous variations of an espresso drink, but whatever part of the world you live in, definitely you will encounter a lot more of these espresso based drinks.

These are only some of the most known reasons why typical coffee drinkers prefer espresso beverage over other caffeine infested drink. Nevertheless, to most regular coffee drinker, good coffees are always highly appreciated but having a bad one is also not a bad idea. Bottom point is, whether it is espresso or any other coffee drink, so long as it contains caffeine, a regular coffee addict will definitely welcome it – especially if it is free.

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