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Do you want to enjoy the tenderness of reheated brisket? One of the best thing is preserving its juices since it makes it easier to reheat. However, this is not the only way out because other liquids can be used. It’s easier to cut chilled brisket and you do not have to worry about when reheating. Once you reheat the brisket it’s as delicious and sweet as it was when fresh. So how do you reheat briskets so that they come out tasty? This article will give you clear guidelines on how to do it like a pro. But just before we get to its good to get the basics right.



A brisket is a huge chunk of beef that is cut from the breast section just beneath the cows first 5 ribs and behind it foreshank. The brisket is made up of a number of muscles called the pectoral muscles (the onethat supports the cow’s weight). Consequently, it can be described as a large piece of meat that is between 3 and 8 pounds in weight and it is rich in collagen (connective tissues).

Fresh brisket is not expensive. It requires lengthy slow cooking so as to break the collagen and achieve unctuous tenderness. This beef cut is long and is further cut into halves with different names. The first cut (also known as thin cut, flat cut, or center cut) is the piece of the brisket which is very lean. The second cut (also known as point cut or deckle) has extra fat hence more flavorful.

When buying or choosing the best part of the brisket you may want to try the first cut because it slices up neatly and ismore attractive. On the other hand, the second cut is rich and satisfying thanks to its fatty cap.

Once you have cooked your brisket in a slow cooker or simmered them in the oven there comes a time when you want to devour the leftovers. Cold brisket is not flavor and to make it delicious you must reheat it. If you have not done it before here are the steps to take to reheat your brisket perfectly.



The first thing you need to do is preheat your oven to 350 0 F. preheating is not a waste of energy because the oven has a thermost at that ensures it remains at the preset temperatures.

Sometimes,preheating is an important step that separates lousy cooks from the great cooks. Therefore if you areafter a truly tender and delicious brisket don not overl ook this step. The reheating will take up to 20 minutes of your cooking time.


Just in case you had your brisket I the freezer you should thaw it perfectly. The best way is letting it thaw in the refrigerator for an hour or you can try thawing it in cold water or in the microwave. This is acritical stage of reheating your brisket, bacteria can multiply rapidly when the wrong method is used to thaw the brisket.

Make sure you have followed the proper guidelines for the method you select to thaw your meat. I prefer doing it in the refrigerator, and I put my brisket to rest in the fridge overnight.


When the brisket is completely thawed used a spoon to skim off any fat on its surface before placing it on the chopping board.Use a sharp knife to slice off the excess fat of the brisket. Slice the brisket thinly and make sure you goagainst the grain as you slice.

The reason we skim and slice off the fat on the surface of the brisket is totry and have a meat that will taste as fresh as it was first cooked. Fats are affected by lipid oxidation even when the meat is refrigerated or frozen. These affected fats interfere with the overall taste of themeat and it’s good to remove them if you want to have a delicious brisket.


Arrange the brisket slices in the oven baking dish and pour in any juice that you reserved when you cooked the brisket. In case you did no reserve any juice you can use a broth of your choice either chicken or vegetable broth. Water can also be used in case all the other options are absent. Cover the baking dish with an aluminum foil and do it very tightly.


After preparing the brisket you can now place the baking dish in the oven. Cook the brisket for about 30 minutes, the meat should be perfectly heated through so that it reaches 165 degrees on the meat thermometer. The brisket will come out perfectly warm and it will be moist and tender just like it was when you first cooked it.


The delicious of the brisket will be hugely influenced by how well you execute each of the above steps.The method described above has the brisket reheated in a liquid or juices but you can also reheat the meat dry.

In case you want it dry and warm you can reheat the brisket for about one hour in the oven and follow the same step. Also, our method had the brisket sliced thinly, but you can skip this step and reheat it whole. Do not be in a hurry when reheating the brisket, it requires time to taste great and remain tender.


Brisket is a highly nutritious piece of meat and enjoyed in many parts of the world. If you are just starting I hope this article has given you the confidence to deal with the leftovers. You do not have to throw them away just preserve them well because when they are reheated they will just be as great as the fresh brisket.

In case your oven if faulty you can also try using the instant pot which works perfectly in reheating the brisket. The instant pot is the best for reheating your brisket without the use of any liquid, you just steam the meat and that all.

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