How Many Peaches are in a Pound? Getting the Most “Tang” for your Buck

How Many Peaches are in a Pound

Everyone wants to feel as though they are getting their money’s worth at the grocery store, especially with the climbing costs of living. Most stores price their produce by the pound, so it’s difficult to know just how much you are getting for your dollar. Perhaps you wish to buy peaches but want to know how many peaches are in a pound. What quantity are you actually getting for your dollar? It is fairly straightforward if just purchasing whole peaches, but gets a little trickier if you are using a recipe.

Variety Matters

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The type of peaches you are purchasing will determine roughly how many peaches are in a pound. There are many different varieties but three main categories of peaches; clingstone, freestone and semi-freestone. Clingstone are rarely found in the grocery store since they are mostly used for commercial use. Freestone are commonly found in the grocery store and are bigger than clingstone peaches. Semi-freestone are a hybrid peach and are used for all purposes, but are slightly smaller than a freestone.

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Within the three categories, there are hundreds of varieties of peaches to choose from, each with their own unique characteristics. Some types do tend to be smaller than others, while others run on the large side. Red Haven are a typical choice and are generally a medium-sized peach. Reliance peaches are delicious as well, but are on the smaller side so you may require more of these. Harmony peaches are mostly found in the north and are medium to large in size. If you make a fist, you can estimate that to be a medium size, unless your hands are abnormally large!


If you are just measuring straight up whole peaches, without using a scale, you can estimate around three to four medium peaches per pound. If you want to use sliced peaches, you will need about 3 cups to make a pound. However, if you are measuring chopped peaches, this will change your measurement since the pit is no longer factored into the weight. One 2 cups to constitute one pound. Dried peaches are a different story altogether since they are small. You need 2 ¾ cup cooked to make a pound.

Before deciding how many peaches are in a pound, it is best to decide how you want to use them and how you will be preparing them for use. If you just want to figure out a price in the grocery store, then you can count on three to four medium peaches being a pound. If you are in the middle of a great recipe, you will need to see which form the peaches are required and go from there but usually anywhere from two to three cups in general.

If this article has helped you with your peach plunder, please leave a comment below---even a recipe idea for something delicious! We love to hear from you and your feedback is appreciated.

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