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How adventurous are you? Are you the type of person who would try a new exotic food? If you like“living the life” then allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite exotic food. I like living to eat rather than eating to live. I have tried my foods from different cuisine but I have found eels to very interesting. So what does eel taste like? This is a question that might be bugging your mind right now. But imagine eating a rare fish for the first time?

One of the reason there is a lot of fuss about eels is because they are very expensive. It would beridi culous for an expensive fish to taste awkward and this has been the reason why most people are curious about the taste of eel. But do you think its taste lives up to the expectation?

The anxiety that surrounds the taste of these slimy exotic snake-like fish is enormous. If you are tired of having to eat regular food every day, then let me introduce you to something awesome. I will disclose some of the most important things you need to know before trying this food. Getting an idea of the possible taste of eel will be great especially if you aren’t daring.



​An eel is an elongated fish that look like a snake. Eels differ in sizes and can be as small as 2 inches or as long as four meters. They are pretty slim fish that inhabit both fresh and salt water. The eel variety that lives in salt waters has a tougher flesh and skin because of the salt content found in these waters.

This combined with the fact that salt water eels are readily available makes them cheaper. There is also another variety of eel that is artificially grown, this variety is not as tasty as those that grow in the natural environment. Some people consider eel not edible simply because they look weird, but this is a common fish in some parts of the world like japan.


​If you want to have an invigorating experience when eating eel then you must back yourself up with credible information about its taste. Understanding they are is not the problem, most people agree to the fact that eel is a fish, but its weird appearance creates doubts about its taste.

Eel has a light and sweet taste, when eaten in unagi (a popular dish in japan) they are just awesome. It isa completely versatile fish that can be deep fried, smoked, or pan fried using breadcrumbs. The deliciousness of the eel will depend on the spices and sauce used to soak it in.

Some people will find the taste of the eel to be a bit bland but if you have eaten squid before you will be home with its taste. Other described the taste of cooked eel to be similar to that of chicken, but though its taste doesn’t marry that of chicken it has some aspects in it. The taste of eel is hugely dependent on the way it is cooked. It’s also very absorbent and when soaked in tasty sauces and seasoning it’s usually very delicious.

Have you take catfish before? The taste of the eel is very close if not similar to that of catfish. Eel also serves you all the benefits of catfish including the taste without being overly expensive. Other exotic foods that can be used as points of reference for the taste of eel are the snakes and frogs. If you have eaten either of the two then the taste of eel should not be far away.


If you are not familiar with the squids and calamari then the texture of the eel will be a little rubbery.Generally, eel has a dense meaty white meat which is almost similar to chicken meat.

However, this comparison is not very fair since eel is exotic and cannot be perfectly compared to the generic chicken meat. Once you develop the liking for this fish you will find its texture to be bearable and amazing.Based on its texture and taste of eel is worth every penny.


​Eel is an important part of the food culture in japan, it has been a pillar of this culture for more than a thousand years. Japanese like eating anago (salt water eel) and unagi (freshwater eel) with most of their foods. It’s most enjoyed with food like uandon and unajuu because of its distinct taste. Anago or the salt water eel if popular for its sweet natural taste where as unagi is popular for being bold and rich in taste.

However, japan is not the only consumer of eel as this fish is enjoyed in many other parts of the world.Eel is also popular in Hong Kong and china dishes where they are very expensive. For example, in Hong Kong the price of eel ranges between a thousand and five thousand Hong Kong dollars

.Its ability to boost stamina in men has made this fish a popular component in most of Korea dishes. It’s also very popular in Europe and USA. For example, eel was traditionally paired with pies and mash.


​One belief I japan which I believe is not misled says that eating eel keeps you healthy and beautiful. This true since according to some studies eel is one of the most nutritious food you can find on earth.

Eels are rich in unsaturated fat, calcium, proteins, and many other vital minerals making them awesome for your health. Eating will make you stronger and improve your immunity. They also contain a high content of vitamin E thereby are good for your hair and skin. The way eating eels improve skin conditionis the reason Japanese believe that they make people beautiful.

With all the nutrients it provides, it qualifies as the best food to incorporate into your regular diet. If you are looking to increase your strength and vitality then you better include eel in your diet plans.


​Put aside the generic white meat like chicken, quail, and turkey and substitute them with eel. This will bring added taste to your diet besides making them highly nutritious.

The eel is completely versatile and it gives you the freedom to manipulate its taste to suit you’re the desired palate preferences.

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