What To Serve With Meatloaf

What To Serve With Meatloaf

Do you love meatloaf? How much appreciation do you accord this dish? This easy dish is the truee pitome of a delicious all-American comfort food. The dish makes numerous appearance on dinner tables simply because it is incredibly adaptable.

Meatloaf is pleasant when served but the satisfaction you derive from this dish is hugely pinned on how and what you serve it with. So, how creative have you been in serving meatloaf to your family or visitors? It easy to enjoy meatloaf in the modern culinary world but you must learn how to perfectly combine it with other foods. You do not have to be a super chef, but it’s simple to create a forever memory by finding the best side dish for your meatloaf.



The meatloaf has an out-of- the-ordinary history that is long and interesting. It’s believed that this dish has Scandinavian and German backgrounds, and boasts a close relation to the meatballs. The dish came to life in the 5 th century as a recipe for meat, wine, and bread, and was featured in the popular roman cookery collection called the APICIUS.The food was first adopted into the American cuisine around the 1800’s, but become popular during the great depression period.

All through people would laboriously grind meat manually to make this dish.The invention of the meat grinder made an immense contribution to the spread of this dish across the globe.


A meatloaf is a dish made of ground meat seasoned with herbs, onions, or ketchup. The meat is then bound with breadcrumbs or eggs, before being baked into a shape of a loaf. The most commonly used meat is beef but in the modern world you will find meatloaf made from lamb, turkey, pork, veal or chicken meat.


If you are looking for the most creative way to round out your meatloaf meal then here are the perfect side dishes to go with it. The combination is delicious and flavorful enough to please everyone including the youngsters.


Potatoes make a delightful pair with the flavors of the meatloaf, any type of potatoes including the sweet potatoes will go well with your meatloaf. The best and the most popular way is mashing the potatoes and making them gravy for enhanced old-fashioned goodness.

When potatoes are mashed their taste shines through and when they are eaten together with the meatloaf they help bring out its full flavors. There are many mashed potatoes recipes out there and you can easily find one that will suit your cooking.



Meatloaf is basically meaty with some fillings and this is the reason it goes well with vegetables.Traditionally the meatloaf was served together with hot vegetable for extra pleasure. Some of the most popular vegetables that go well with the meatloaf include steamed baby carrots, asparagus, peas, and green beans.


​The vegetable department is very diverse, explore new ways until you find one that will give you the satisfaction you want.


Another great way of enjoying your meatloaf is serving it with salads. A meatloaf served with salad as the sides will blow you away since it’s truly flavorful and filling. This is the ultimate way to have a delicious meatloaf meal that is highly nutritious and doesn’t sacrifice its awesomeness.​



Meatloaf is a completely versatile dish and can be enjoyed in innumerous ways. The most important thing is staying creative and eliminating the phobia of trying new ways of serving this dish.

Keep in mindthat the meatloaf is meaty and therefore you should go for dishes that will complement its health benefits.Also when preparing your meatloaf you should ensure it’s as tender as possible. The best way ofachieving complete tenderness is cooking it for long over low-medium heat. This way the meat will not dry out and its juiciness will add a fantastic twist to the whole meal.

You can try the food we have discussed and feel free to pose any question or comment about this article. If you liked the article do not hesitate to share it widely.​

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